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Vivienne Ross ..... Handmade Ceramics


B.A. First Class Hons. Ceramics / 3D Design ... Bath College of Higher Education


B-Tec Diploma. General Art & Design ... Basingstoke College of Technology


1997 "Development Grant" West Midland Arts


1994 "Setting Up Grant" Crafts Council

2019 "60 @the bdc" Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool.

2018 "The Staffordshire Contemporary Artist and Designers Fair" The Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek

2017 "Earth & Fire" Rufford, Notts

2017 "The Staffordshire Contemporary Artist and Designers Fair" The Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek

2016 "Ceramics in the city" London

2016 "Earth & Fire" Rufford, Notts

2015  Selected for the crafts council directory

2014 "Christmas Exhibition" The Foxlowe Art Centre, Leek

2014 "Art in Clay" Hertfordshire

2013 "Beyond The Mirror" Foxlowe Arts Centre Leek

2013 "Earth & Fire" Rufford, Notts

2012 "Christmas Exhibition" St Davids Hall, Cardiff

2012 "Solo Exhibition" Ropewalk Craft Gallery, N Lincs

2012 "Art in Clay" Hertfordshire

2011 "Earth & Fire" Rufford, Notts

2010 "Earth & Fire" Rufford, Notts

2009 "Ceramics in the Round" Buxton

2009 "Art in Clay" Hertfordshire

2008 "Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair" Manchester

2008 Earth & Fire" Rufford Craft Centre

2008 "Feast" Manchester Craft & Design Centre

2007 "Ceramic Arts Fair" Potteries Museum & Art Gallery. Stoke

2005 "Table Manners" Crafts Council, London

2005 "Winter Exhibition" New Ashgate Gallery. Farnhan

2005 "National Pottery & Ceramics Festival. Herts

2004 "Royal Society of Painter Printmakers Exhibition" New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham

2003 "Naked Inspiration" Derek Topp Gallery

2002 "Mixed Exhibition" Beatrice Royal Gallery, Hants

2001 New York International Gift Fair

2000 New York International Gift Fair

2000 "Top Drawer" London

2000 "Summer Carnival" Rye Art Gallery

1999 "Pots With A Tale To Tell" Brewery Arts, Cirencester

1999 "Summertime" The Oxford Gallery

1998 "Figuratively Speaking" Craft & Design Centre, Leeds

1997 "A Heavenly Christmas" Crafts Council at the V&A, London

1996 "Talk of the Table" Leicester City Gallery

1996 "The Craft of Seduction" Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool

1995 Chelsea Craft Fair. London

1995 "Figures in Clay" Crafts Council Shop. London


Selected Exhibitions & Events

Artists Statement

Vivienne Ross's interest lies in making pots, which act as containers for both objects and ideas. She work intuatively and spontaneously allowing  everyday thoughts, pre-occupations and sometimes anxieties to dictate the direction of the image created. She tries to engage the viewer through humour by juxtaposing figures and images, and by altering their scale to create the unexpected. There is enough ambiguity in each piece for the viewer to bring thier own interpritation to the work. In this busy world She likes to think they are a celebration of the simple.


Each piece is unique, hand-made, individually decorated and signed. Vivienne works with a red earthenware clay which is decorated using coloured slips and glazes. Like the images on them, the shapes are kept simple, made using hand-processes such as press-moulding, coiling and slabbing. The figurative decoration, often described as dreamlike, is achieved using brushwork, paper stencils and sgraffito.


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